Our Results Speak For Themselves

I have had the privilege to attend the intensive outpatient program at Total Recovery Now. My experience has been so wonderful that I still return for aftercare. I gained a lot of knowledge on what it means to be an alcoholic, and I learned the importance of the program of Alcoholics Anonymous, which was masterfully explained to me in IOP. I learned the importance of accountability and honesty in process groups and was able to grow through many ups and downs by speaking up and opening my ears to my fellows’ support. My counsellor Gabrielle was nothing less than an inspiration in my recovery. Her extensive knowledge, intense honesty, and most important, her unconditional love and support drove me to grow and to “keep coming back.” Overall, my experience at Total Recovery Now was enriching and memorable; I would not be where I am or who I am if IOP was not in my recovery experience. Thank you, Gaby, and thank you, TRN!

Mary M.

Before I came to Total Recovery Now I was completely hopeless and broken. I did not know where I was going or who I wanted to be. I didn’t know who I was. I had no hopes or dreams of the future. My active addiction took me to a place where I just didn’t want to live anymore.

After I came to Florida and got involved with Total Recovery Now, it helped save my life. They really helped me understand the disease concept and how it had three parts to it: physical, mental, and spiritual. I never understood that before. They helped me find a solution.

When I came fresh out of in-patient treatment, I didn’t know how to live my life. I didn’t know how to deal with feelings or emotions. I didn’t know how to cope with anything. The staff here had the experience through all of that so anything I struggled with, they helped guide me through. Even though I made mistakes, they helped me learn from them. They helped me not give up, most of all. They believed in me until I could believe in myself.

Today, I can live my life and actually say I am happy without drugs. I don’t have a desire to use anymore. I can hold a job today. I have friends today, and I have relationships with my family that I thought I would never get back.

Today, I can help other people, and that’s one of the greatest gifts of recovery that TRN has given me. Today, I actually have hopes and dreams for the future that I never had before. This program has really helped me feel like I have a purpose in life. It gives me hope and faith and happiness that I never felt before—and that is something drugs could never give me. Thanks.

Lauren G.

I used drugs on a daily basis for a few years. I couldn’t imagine my life without them. When I decided to get clean, I came down to Florida. I didn’t think it would actually happen. I was introduced to Total Recovery Now. The staff was both kind and understanding. They helped me get started on my path to recovery, Today, I have over a year clean, I am working with other addicts, and I am enjoying my life without the use of drugs.

Stacey B.

My alcoholism had reached a point where I could no longer live without alcohol; my body was dependent on it, and I thought there was no way out. I went to a detox center and ended up (in-patient) in a recovery center.

It wasn’t until I came to Total Recovery Now in Lake Worth, Florida, that I realized that there was hope for me, that there was a way out, and I could recover from alcoholism. The staff, counsellors, and others who worked there have been very helpful. I have learned a lot about my disease, why I am an alcoholic. I have been given the tools to work through the problems I face day to day. I have been equipped with the knowledge to go out and help other alcoholics and use what I’ve learned at TRN. TRN has changed my life. I am now able to live without alcohol and be happy most days!

Carol G.